Bruce Ruhnow Landscape & Design LLC – Springfield Exterior Lighting

The wonder of a well-lit home is truly something to behold. The installation of low-voltage exterior lighting can bring warmth to your home and bring extra security as well. No more fumbling through the dark after a long day at work. A well-lit driveway and walkway can bring reassuring comfort and beauty.

Whether you want a homey feel, or presidential atmosphere, we can fulfill your vision.

20130524_112753Lighting also brings value to your residence and can bring out the wonder of your landscape investment. Imagine entertaining guests outside your home and no longer worrying about going inside when the sun drops below the horizon. Lighting frees up your schedule and allows you to plan special parties and events without worrying about time.

Today’s lighting fixtures come in a variety of shapes and colors and allow the homeowner to pick the perfect fixtures to show off their home to the fullest extent. Whether you want to highlight your lawn, your trees, or even statues, the proper placement of lighting will illuminate your world in the finest way.

Bruce Ruhnow Landscape & Design LLC specializes in bringing out the beauty of your home in even the darkest hours of night. Our team of specialists is experienced in working in different environments and will work closely with the homeowner to pick the lighting that works best for you. Our professionals also keep costs in mind and know which type of lighting will provide the illumination needed without costing too much money.

If you’re interested in bringing day to night and ensuring the safety of your family, give Bruce Ruhnow Landscape & Design LLC a call today!